Non-Ferrous Metals

Industrial Metals sells all types of non-ferrous metals.  Our experienced and qualified staff as well as various high tech processing procedures ensure only the highest quality products to our consumers.  Our diversified processing equipment allows us to tailor make products for all of our consumers specific needs.  Please Contact us at 204.233.1908 for further information.

Steel Products

Industrial Metals sells the following products, prepared to our consumers’ specifications:

  • No. 1 Steel
  • No. 2 Steel
  • No. 2 Bundles
  • Cast Iron – Regular
  • Cast Iron – Rotors & Drums
  • Plate & Structural Steel
  • New Factory Bushelling

Foundry Products

Industrial Metals is a distributor of a wide variety of brass and aluminium foundry products.

  • Brass & Bronze Alloy Ingots
  • Fire Refined Copper Ingots
  • #1 Copper Chops
  • Phos Copper Chop
  • Aluminum Deox & Alloy Ingots

Many other products are available, please Contact us at 204.233.1908 to inquire about your specific needs.